Connecting Silicon Valley and China                       

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Panel 1: Landing in Silicon Valley

US has the world largest consumer market, largest enterprise hardware market, and largest enterprise software market, and will be in the leading position for quite some time. Besides market size, the top talents, migrated from all over the world, attract foreign companies to enter the US. The fast-growing Chinese companies fueled with huge amount of capital from the government and private investors, with almost unlimited workforce, are repeating the Japanese expansion phenomenon in 1980s to US.

With the marketing converging, as the China growing company, how can you leap through the Pacific and land smoothly to the lucrative but challenging US market? How can you survive the competition with the world largest players including Google, Cisco, IBM, and Facebook? What are the opportunities and challenges a mid-size company would face in becoming a consumer brand name like Lenovo or an enterprise solution provider like Huawei in the US?

This panel of subject- matter experts will provide solutions for the real world problems that you will run into when expanding into the US market.

  • How to register corporation and set up branches in the US

  • How to set up network and servers on the cloud

  • How to hire quality people and overcome differences in management style and corporate culture

  • How to generate market awareness and build partnerships with major players in the US

  • How to find acquisition target and overcome legal hurdles

  • How to conduct roadshows and win a successful IPO

  • How to create IP advantage and bring technology and know-how back to China

  • How to finance and transfer currency between US and China

It is also a chance to meet leading legal, financial and marketing service providers from the US.

Panel 2: Partner with China 


China is the world’s biggest mobile telephone market, with more than 1 billion mobile phone subscribers – or around 74% of its total population. According to China Venture, 976 China firms received investment valued at US$8.95 billions in 2011. In 2012 summer, a record 6.8 million Chinese students, most of them born in 1990, graduated from college. China will play a pivotal role in the convergence of technologies and markets.

As a US company on this side of the Pacific, how can you navigate the perfect storm of this convergence of technologies and markets? How can you leverage the vast amount of capital and talents in China? How can you potentially profit from the lucrative but challenging China market?

This panel of subject matter experts will cover the following topics:

  • How to build relationship with China private leaders and government officials?

  • How to partner with Chinese companies but still keep your product core values and advantage?

  • How to share a good portion of profit for China market sales?

  • How to price yourself with right assets for acquisition that a Chinese company looks for?

  • How to overcome difference in management, operation and corporate culture?

  • How to go through the government review and legal process in both US and China?

  • How to transfer money between US and China currencies?

It is also a chance to meet your right buyers or partners from China. 

Panel 3: Multi-screen Paradigm in Consumer Electronics 

Multi-screen Experience enhancing productivity: True or False?


As consumers increasingly incorporate digital media into all aspects of their lives, they want to extend the consumption of digital media services on "any device, any time, any place". As a result, the concept of the "multi-screen experience" – which describes a consumer's ability to create and consume content across multiple devices in a seamless, transparent way – is increasingly an attractive and likely scenario for killer apps. No longer should a media asset be intrinsically tied to consumption on a particular device: Both professionally generated content (such as movies, television programs and news clips) and user-generated content (such as home movies or video captured on a cell phone) should be delivered across a range of devices. This is an interesting topics and will arouse a lot of debates on standardization, collaboration, integration, and infrastructure, etc.

Panel 4: The Cloud Behind Mobile 


As individuals and enterprises become increasingly mobile, demand for content and services in the cloud is exploding. This is a future powered by the mobile cloud, a world where our entire computing needs must be accessible remotely and instantly anywhere, anytime, from any device of choice. In this new paradigm stakeholders from industry players to regulators must all work together to address a whole new range of challenges such as infrastructure reliability, security and privacy, data integrity and ownership, cross cultural issues, etc

How will the mobile industry deliver a seamless service experience in this new paradigm where all our content is stored online? Where are we in terms of readiness and ability to offer reliable and affordable cloud services? And which are the biggest hurdles to overcome as these services become widely adopted worldwide? 

When Mobile meet Cloud, magic happens and our lives are changing forever and for good. Please Come and join our mobile cloud panel on September 22, 2012, where industry experts and leaders share their experience about Mobile Cloud.

Panel 5: New Breed of Entrepreneurs in the New Decade


Social and Mobile apps as well as a significant increase in wealthy angels in the last decade have enabled a new breed of entrepreneurs in both China and the USA. With over 600,000 apps on Apple App Store and over 400,000 Android apps on Google Play, many developers became overnight entrepreneurs by creating and posting their apps on the Apple App Store and/or Google Play. Crowdfunding site like Kickstarter is another new avenue for many entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by obtaining funding directly from potential customers.

In this panel, we’ll have a combination of angel investors and entrepreneurs to share their insights and experience of investing and starting new startups in this new tech environment.